I coulda’ been rich…

If only, if only, if only

If only I had left a Cougar Cam (re-purposed nanny cam) (reduce, reuse, recycle) set up in my back bedroom today.  I could have charged a pretty penny for live streaming video of the beefcake remodeling crew. Move your sweet ass on over Magic Mike, there’re some new boys in town!

 Ay yi yi!

I’m having a little work done, (that’s not a euphemism, like “getting my clock cleaned”, I’m getting the house ready to sell), and I emailed a contractor from a Living Social promo.  He arranged to come out and give me an estimate.  When I answered the door, I’m pretty sure that my eyes dilated and that I blushed slightly. I’m also afraid that my nostrils flared, my jaw dropped, and I may actually have ovulated.  There he stood:  tall, dark, handsome, slim-yet-well-muscled. I was really (really) hoping that my friends had sent me a stripper to cheer me up!  (He wasn’t carrying a boombox along with his measuring tape and paint samples, but a girl can hope).

I can assure you that approving his bid was mere formality.  There was exactly 0% chance that I would be shopping around for any services that this young man was willing to provide.  (Still talking remodeling here).  I was very excitedly telling one of my married friends about my new contractor when her husband asked, “did you check his references?”.  ”Umm, no.  No I did not”.

 Imagine my delight today when he reported for work with another, equally beautiful young man.  (I’m not proud of this, but I texted “eye candy” to my daughter so that she could casually drop by). BEST MONDAY EVER!!  I thought about telling them that I needed to take pictures of them, “for insurance purposes”, but decided that would be wrong.

The Cougar Cam works on two levels…I love to see the attractive men, but even better, I love to see men working around my house.  I don’t need a gun show baby…let me see you changing A/C filters, feeding the dog, and taking trash cans to the curb…OMG! Better than porn!

I coulda’ been rich!

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